15 Superhero Dogs That'll Make You Feel A Little Safer

Gettin' belly rubs, fetchin' bad guys.

If our time on this fair planet has taught us anything, it's that anything can be enhanced with two key elements: superpowers and dogs. Artist Josh Lynch has tapped deep into this bit of perennial wisdom by creating a series he calls Dogs of the Marvel Universe, where he takes man's heroes and turns them into man's best friend.

Does your dog moonlight as an action hero? Probably. What else is he supposed to to do with his time when you're out having a career and ignoring his love? Check out these renderings of what your dog probably has been up to after hours.


1. Wolverine.

2. The Punisher.

3. Thanos.

4. Spiderman.

5. The Silver Surfer.

6. Thor.

7. Professor X.

8. Ironman.

9. Dr. Octopus.

10. Galactus.

11. The Hulk.

12. Ghost Rider.

13. Aquaman.

14. Cyclops.

15. Dr. Strange.


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