This Man Rescues Pregnant Dog Buried Alive Under The Sidewalk For Two Days

How did she get trapped?

Vadim Rustam heard some strange noises outside his building in the Russian city of Voronezh. For two days, local residents were hearing noises of barking and whimpering from a dog, but they couldn't determine where. That all changed when they realized where it was coming from.


There was a pregnant dog trapped under the sidewalk.

Two days earlier, construction workers were repairing a sidewalk that collapsed by making a new brick pavement. The construction workers overlooked Belka, a stray dog living on the sidewalk, when they were completing their work.

For two days, the dog was trapped without food and water. Rustam asked the city to get the dog out of the sidewalk, but they didn't want to dig another hole.

That’s when Rustam took matters into his own hands by rescuing Belka. First, he removed the bricks from the sidewalk.

Then, he pushed the dirt away.

Finally, he pulled Belka out of the hole.

Belka lost her puppies during the two days, but she is rescued, healed and going to be adopted to a real home soon.

Watch the full video of the rescue:


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