This New Grooming Trend Left These Dogs Looking Seriously Square

You need to see these pups for yourself.

Style trends are constantly changing. Something's in and then it's out, and then it's back in again. The influx can make it tough to keep up, but it's about to get even harder for dog owners in Taiwan. Recently, Taiwanese pet groomers have seen an increase in requests to cut pups' fuzzy faces into perfect geometrical shapes. Some people have speculated that the reason for the new haircut trend may be due to owners wanting their pets to stand out more on social media

Thanks to Imgur user Kuma78 we were able to put together some photos of freshly groomed pooches. 


1. Bringing the phrase "Be there or be square" to a whole new level.

2. So fluffy!

3. Too bad it'll grow out in a few days.

4. If square isn't your thing.

5. Before and after.

6. May have to change the right one's name to Snowball.

7. Awwwww.

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