Military Veteran Contemplates Suicide Until Puppy Saves His Life

Sometimes You Just Need A Companion.

Here's more proof that dogs are really just furry angels sent from heaven to make life on earth a little more bearable.

Iraq War veteran Blade Anthony returned from military service suffering from PTSD.

He felt like he "didn't fit" or "belong anymore" and that he was "alone and nobody understood or gave a damn."

It got so bad, Anthony even contemplated suicide.

"I remember one night being at my lowest point," he says, "and not feeling like I wanted to continue anymore because it wasn't worth it."

Enter DD, the rescue dog that would save Blade's life.

According to Blade: "From the second I met her, my life has changed."

DD's playful spirit made Blade laugh and her unconditional love helped him rediscover a reason to live.

"If I hadn't met DD," he says. "I wouldn't not be here talking to you. I would be dead. I would have blown my head off with my 9 mm."

What a compelling story that conveys the power of pets to heal psychological wounds.

Someone get DD a bone!


Find out more about Pets for Vets here.

(H/T: Upworthy)


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