He Started A GoFundMe Page For The Homeless Man Who Found His Dog And Refused Reward Money

People have already raised $3,600.

A dog owner named Rick recently set up a GoFundMe page for James, a man experiencing homelessness. James had helped Rick reunite with his 9-month-old dog, Maya.

On the GoFundMe page, Rick explains that when his rat terrier puppy ran away, he had a feeling that the dog wasn't "hiding out or dead, but in the company of someone that temporarily needed her." 


It turns out, he was right.

Rick says he found out Maya had joined a group of people who are homeless near his office in East Hollywood, Calif. One of the men in the group was friend with James, and knew how much James loves animals. (In fact, James's street name is "Canine" and he had lost his own dog a week ago.) The man brought Maya to James as, what Rick assumes, a gift to cheer him up.

After being with Maya for a few hours, James took off the dog's harness and saw her identification tag with Rick's name and number. James doesn't have a cellphone, so he had to wait until the next day to get in contact with Rick.

James explained on the call that he understood what Rick was going through and knew he must be devastated.

James later reunited Rick with his dog, and Rick got to thank James in person for bringing them together. 

"I can't truly express the emotions I felt when I finally got that call," said Rick. "I could feel the warmth of James's heart through that conversation."

Rick tried to give James $200 as a reward, but James refused multiple times even though he'd been living out of his car for the last few months with his friend, Andy, trying to get by.  

"He needed the money but didn't want to make it about that. He was so grateful," said Rick. 

All that James asked was that Rick pray for him. "This is my way of praying for James," said Rick in reference to the GoFundMe page. "So many of you were touched by this story, and have asked me how you can help send James some good will. This is the way."

"This entire 36-hour ordeal from separation to reuniting showed me just how much love is amongst all of those around me, both near and far," he continued. "I love you all and thank you for giving me the best birthday present ever. You gave me hope. Now let's give some of that hope to James. He deserves it." 

As Rick said in the beginning of his post, "Angels walk amongst us."

The GoFundMe page was started on July 9 and it has already raised over $3,600 of its $10,000 goal.

(H/T: People)


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