Dog 'Saves' Swimming Girl Who Appears To Be In Trouble, Proving He's The Best Boy

The little girl giggled the whole time.

Sometimes a dog can be the best guardian. This was evidenced in a viral video showing a little girl playing with her grandparents' dog, Matyas, whose breed hasn't been confirmed

The young girl was playing in shallow water on a French beach when a wave went over her head. The dog seemed to think the girl was in trouble, so Matyas grabbed her by the T-shirt to drag her to safety.  The little girl is seen giggling throughout the video, appearing not to be bothered by the dog's actions. 


The video shows Matyas had the right instincts in a potentially dangerous situation. Many dogs seem to have a natural inclination to protect their humans, and, in the past, we've seen just what these animals are capable of with some added training. 

For example, many dogs can be trained to be service animals to help people through anxiety or panic attacks, such as the case with one dog, seen in a viral video, helping her owner get through a panic attack at the airport.  Last year, we also covered the story of a "real life Lassie" who saved a family with nine kids from their burning home.

It's amazing to see the relationship dogs and their humans can share.  

(H/T: Yahoo)

Cover image via  Stock-Asso I Shutterstock


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