19 Puppy Spooning Masters Who Will Improve Even Your Worst Days

We get it, we've had those days too.

1. When even a cat will do.


2. When they've found a brand new baby to test out.

3. Because babies are especially effective at getting the job done.

4. When it's all white everything.

5. When their big spoon looks like a backpack.

6. Or doubles as a body guard.

7. Even when neither spoon can let his guard down.

8. When too much corgi love is never enough.

9. When they're secretly just doing it as a favor.

10. Sometimes it's just you and mom.

11. It's OK if big spoon has tiny T-Rex arms that don't completely reach.

12. The skyscraper spoon is great for conserving space.

13. As is the balled-up twin spoon.

14. "Um, can we help you?"

15. "No, really, can we help you?"

16. We certainly can't leave out the stuffed little spoon dogs.

17. Or the fluffy dog-bear things of the world.

18. Or the real dogs that look like fluffy dog-bear things.

19. Because sometimes we just all need to be the little spoon.

Because who's to say dogs don't want to feel all safe and warm and cuddled too?

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