Couple Gets Their Dog To Film Their Winter Wedding And The Whole Thing Looks Like A Dream

What an awesome idea.

When couple Addie and Marshall Burnette decided to plan a last-minute wedding in the mountains, they needed a last-minute videographer. 

So they enlisted the help of one very trustworthy candidate.

"Our dog, Ryder insisted on filming the wedding video, so we let her do her thing," the groom wrote on YouTube. "She took awhile to edit the footage, but we think she did a great job."

In the video, the camera looks up from below — atop Ryder's back — as the bride and groom marry beneath snow-covered trees. Set to the song "Spirit Cold" by Tall Heights, the dog sprints through the wilderness and through the snow until she settles down for the ceremony.


"The cool thing about it is that we eloped to the same mountain where we had our first date 10 years before, and it just so happened to snow two feet that day," Addie tells Refinery29.

The footage reveals all the behind-the-scenes happenings in a cozy home prior to the wedding, as well as the party that followed after.

It's an original, creative, and refreshing look at a wedding — proving less can definitely be more.

"I admit I've never seen a wedding video before and still I dare to say that this is the best wedding video ever," one YouTube commenter writes.

And we love it too. Way to go, Ryder.

Be sure to watch the full video below:

(H/T: Cosmopolitan)


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