This Adorable Dog Doubles As An Art Critic, And It's The Best Thing We've Seen All Day

An art genius in the making?

They say that dogs are a man's best friend — but can they be our best critics, too? For artist Julia Powell, that's certainly the case.

In photos and videos uploaded to her popular Instagram account, Powell shows what happens when her 6-year-old dog, a golden retriever named Ella, examines her work. In the photos, Ella sits stoically, staring at the paintings with what appears to be extreme concentration. 

"Ella recently noticed my paintings," Powell tells A Plus in an email. "I caught her pausing more than usual when she walked by them. Ella has a discerning eye and an unimpeachable moral center, and I think she realized that my paintings were finally developing into the kind of work that she could take seriously. At long last — my art is worthy of her attention."


"When you walk into your studio and your dog is just staring at your work and then she looks at you like you are the one who's interrupting," Powell captions on a video of Ella. "My dog, Ella Fitzgerald, annoyed art critic."

"Powell has some theories as to why her dog can't look away," Mashable reports. "One is that the pooch is drawn to the blues and greens of her water scene oil paintings. She said she tested out showing the dog orange and red paintings, like one of birch trees, and the canine didn't have much interest." 

It could also be the smell of the paintings or, as Powell writes on Instagram: "My dog is a genius and actually sees something here and is going to make me famous by writing about my work in a [New York Times] bestselling art theory book she publishes one day."

When asked about Powell's relationship with her dog, it's clear that Ella's critiques haven't gotten in the way of their friendship. 

"If I didn't have close human friends, she would be my best friend. She's not the first dog I have ever had, but she's by far the one I am closest to," Powell tells A Plus. 

Powell's Instagram feed is filled with her work, including seasonal landscapes inspired by nature and her hometown, Cambridge, Mass. 

"The vibrancy of my hometown, along with the colorful characters that reside within it, impacts my landscapes by injecting hypercolor into scenes of nature. It is also why fences and telephone poles — markers of modernity often intertwined with nature — are a favorite subject," her website explains

We think it's safe to say these are Ella's favorite subjects, too.

Check out more of Powell's work below:


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