When You See What This Dog Owner Did For His 13-Year-Old Lab, Your Eyes Will Water

This is awesome.

This is Lucy. She's 13.


When Redditor JadaNeedsADoggie noticed that Lucy, his 13-year-old yellow Lab, was digging up the flower beds looking for a cool place to rest her weary bones in the summer, he took it upon himself to make her her very own air-conditioned dog bed.

Yep. An air-conditioned dog bed.

Here's how he did it.

He used 1 foot by 6 foot boards to create the frame, cutting holes to fit PVC piping for the inlet (where the air enters). The fit was snug enough so that glue wasn't needed.

Next, he attached an old PC power supply to the frame.

Then he wired it to a series of three fans connected to the inlet holes.

Beer was necessary here. Beer is always an important part of garage projects.

Here's the frame with the fans installed.

He finished the cooling duct by adding another length of PVC with a T fitting.

He drilled holes in the frame and used zip ties to secure the new length of the cooling duct, then capped the end. He also got some plant shade mesh material and fabric fasteners which he used to secure it to the edges of the frame.

You'll see why he lengthened the cooling duct in a moment.

Because Lucy weighs over 100 pounds, he had to stretch the material as tightly as possible over the frame.

Staples would pull right out or cause the material to tear, so the fabric fasteners were a must-have. The mesh is breathable, so the cool air can be felt through the cover. 

The end caps on the T fitting and the other end of the cooling duct can be loaded with bottles of frozen water.

When the fans are activated, they draw air through the pipe and the frozen bottles cool the air, making the bed even better than digging up the yard. It's a basic swamp cooler installed in a bed frame.

Now he has a very happy dog.

The bed "cools the air by about 10 degrees," he writes, and "provides a nice breeze for her tummy."

There's just one more thing and it's really important.

JadaNeedsADoggie's username didn't just come out of thin air. He's asking Redditors and everyone who reads about Lucy's dog bed to please help his friend's little girl, Jada, get a service dog. 

Jada is a 7-year-old girl who's very sick. Her folks are trying to raise $10,000 for a service dog that will make her life a little easier. 

So please please please check out Jada's GoFundMePage here .

Please share this with your friends and let's see if we can help this girl out.


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