If A Dog Could Dial 911, These Are Probably The Emergencies They Would Report

Hello, this is dog.

Dogs have a lot of emergencies and insecurities to deal with in life.


Luckily, one man by the name of Reverend Scott is taking all of those irrational and internalized fears and translating them into some funny tweets.

We may never know what a dog thinks when they realize barking at their tennis ball won't make it move, but we can probably relate when we stare at our coffee mug during the early hours of the morning and it doesn't magically make its way to our mouths. 

So, while we try to practice our telekinesis skills, check out some of his best jokes below.

Dog problems 101. OMG.

They can never be sure if you will actually return. Humans are so tricky.

What is the point of those things anyway?

No! Not the chocolate. We're going to need some Pepto.

Damn peamub butter.

That loud thing is back and it has evolved!

Sorry, cat. Today is the day you are eaten.

Ignorant humans. How could you?

Well, despite their worries, at least dog 911 doesn't put you on hold during life-threatening situations.


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