The Truth About Muslims That Keeps Getting Ignored

Your conception of Islam is misguided.

Islamaphobia needs to stop.

Not only is it misguided and ill-informed, but now it is also coming from people who otherwise promote equality and tolerance. 

Recently, Bill Maher discussed the way women were treated in "Muslim countries" and attacked liberals for being too accepting of their oppressive ways. He cited things like genital mutilation, being forbidden to drive and vote as issues women in these Muslim countries face. 

What Maher neglected to address, of course, is that these countries are not the only ones oppressing their women. Further, he referred to genital mutiliation as a "Muslim country problem," which — according to religious scholar Reza Aslan — is both "imperically and factually incorrect."

In the video above, published by the Facebook group Media Matters for America, Aslan tears apart the idea that oppressing women is a "Muslim country problem," and reminds the western world just how skewed and off-base our perception of Islam is. 

"Eritrea has almost 90 percent female genital mutilation, it's a Christian country," Aslan says in the interview. "Ethiopia has almost 75 percent genital mutilation, it's a Christian country... nowhere else in the Muslim-majority states is this an issue."

Here in America, this kind of bigotry towards Muslims is running rampant. We implore you to watch this short video — where Aslan picks apart two CNN anchors' arguments — and make sure you educate yourself on the issue.

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