11 People In The Medical Field On 'What Made All Those Years Of Studying Worth It'

"The mom named the baby after her."

Becoming a professional in the medical field can be a long and arduous road of studying, school, and gaining experience, but it's usually all worth it in the end. To find out why, one Redditor asked the doctors of Reddit one question: "What was the moment that made all those years of study worth it?"

"I ask because I'm considering studying medicine, but friends and family have been telling me how much work it's going to be, and how back-breaking medical school is," the Redditor wrote in the thread. "I think I could get through it if I knew the rewards would be worth the hard work."

In response, people in the medical field (or know someone in it) told their stories that have helped motivate them, and reminded us how life-changing and empowering the work of doctors — and nurses, physician assistants, pharmacists, clinical psychologists, veterinarians, etc. — can be. 

"[My sister is an] obstetrician and one time a woman who was giving birth for the first time had serious complications," one person shared. "She ended up saving the woman and her baby, and the mom named the baby after her." 

One person took this thread as an opportunity to thank those in the field, too: 

"Damn, I love these stories," they commented. "Some serious props to all those whose actions help someone live. You're impacting not just that single life, but the lives of their loved ones too. On behalf of literally everyone in the world, thank you for your service. All your years of education, hours of sacrificing time with your family, hours of stressful work and everything else are highly appreciated."

Check out some more stories in the list below:


1. Using 100 percent of your training in one night.

2. Having a patient named after you.

3. That moment you realize what you're doing for others.

4. When you help someone adopt a healthy lifestyle.

5. When you add up all the little moments.

6. Seeing your patient pull through.

7. Helping someone through their depression.

8. When you save someone's life.

9. When you hear that sincere 'Thank you.'

10. When people are just happy to see you.

11. Saving animals, too.

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