They Didn’t Choose To Be Refugees. But We Have A Choice Of How We Respond To Their Plight.

“Indifference is a disease.”

A teacher, a psychologist, a school principal, a pharmacist. These are just some of the people featured in the Doctors of the World USA video "Not Like Us." They sound like everyday people, right? 

Right. But because they're Syrian, some may see them differently. The video aims to dispel the myth that Syrians are "all terrorists" by showing their human side — and reminding viewers they, too, deserve to live happy and productive lives.

"I'm Syrian. I'm educated," one man in the video professes, while another describes himself in more "basic human" terms, as a father, husband, and brother. 

"I would like for us to live a normal life," added a female pharmacist from the war-torn nation.

Nearly six long years since the anti-regime uprising first started in March 2011, many displaced Syrians — who were lucky enough to make it out alive — are trying to find a place they can call home. 

"Indifference is a disease," the video states with one Syrian man simply saying, "I am human." 


Check out the powerful message in the video below:


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