This 'Doctor Who' Fan Got The Ultimate Christmas Gift — A Letter From The Doctor Himself

"The new Doctor always becomes your favorite."

Fans of the British sci-fi series Doctor Who said goodbye to actor Peter Capaldi on Christmas, when the 12th Doctor regenerated into the 13th — played by Jodie Whittaker, the first woman in the role. Some fans were more sad than others to see Capaldi leave the role. That included a 9-year-old boy named David, who received a pretty amazing Christmas gift this year.


David's father Brian McGilloway explained on Twitter that Capaldi is his son's favorite Doctor, "and he was dreading his regeneration." So Capaldi wrote to him for Christmas, offering "words of comfort" about his departure from the show. "Such a kind man," McGilloway wrote alongside a photo of the letter, which came with a signed photo and a hand-drawn Dalek on the envelope.

Capaldi admitted to David that regeneration "can be a little bit icky," but reminded him, "The new Doctor always becomes your favorite and the one that goes ... well, he never really goes, he is always there, somewhere in time and space, and if you think about him hard enough you'll see him, and he'll see you."

"It's like the Doctor says," Capaldi continued, "'Everything ends and it's always sad. But everything begins again, and that's always happy. Be happy.'"

Fans on Twitter were touched by the actor's kind gesture, with some noting that he chose to date the letter November 23, 1963 — when Doctor Who originally debuted. Another user chimed in to share that Capaldi wrote her a birthday card in 2013, after she mentioned in a letter that November 23 was her birthday as well.

Although the decision to cast a woman as the latest incarnation of the Doctor has predictably faced some criticism, many fans were excited by Whittaker's first appearance in the role during Monday's Christmas special. She only spoke two words ("Oh, brilliant"), but Whovians are already looking forward to seeing more from her.

Anyone who isn't excited might just need a Doctor's note of their own.


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