With One Simple Question, She Proved That You Can Have A Gender Bias Without Realizing It

"Of course. That makes so much sense."

Do you have a gender bias?


You might have a definite answer to the question in your mind. However, when you're actually faced with a scenario, your answers might reveal something else entirely.

This is what happened when BBC Three recently took to the streets and asked people a simple question involving a father, son, and a surgeon. When BBC Three asked, "Who is the surgeon?" they received many different answers, some more complicated and obscure than the last. And the varying responses came from people of all different ages, backgrounds, and genders.

The video was posted on Facebook to show the results and they are very interesting:

What many failed to realize was that the surgeon was the boy's mom.

As one commenter in the video says, "Of course. That makes so much sense." 

Another one sums up the obvious gender bias, which many others fell into. "Yeah, obviously we all automatically assume that the surgeon is a man," she said.

There have been a few different social experiments that aim to highlight gender bias and they offer a fascinating insight into what we think we think compared to what we actually think. And when we see the results, we sometimes discover some surprising things about ourselves.


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