New Danish Commercial Is Basically Begging People To Have More Sex

This is brilliantly funny, and important.

There is a problem in Denmark, and it's not one you'd expect: People aren't having enough children.

Denmark has one of the lowest birthrates in all of Europe, with only 1.7 children per family. That might not sound like a huge deal, but it has huge implications. Because so few new children are being born, the Danish government has to decide whether or not to keep many of its public services open. What good is a school if there are no children to fill it?

In response, all kinds of organizations and businesses have stepped up to try and help raise the birth rate in Denmark. Part of that, of course, involves encouraging people to have more sex. In 2014, as a response to growing issue, the Danish travel company Spies Rejser launched a campaign called "Do it for Denmark!" and yes, it's exactly what it sounds like.

Knowing that so many families in Denmark say they want two or three kids, Spies Rejser turned up the heat on people live up to their dreams. It worked, too. 

"It turned out quite successful," they said on their YouTube page. "We made the Danes travel more, have more sex and reproduce for their country."

But now they are doubling down: the group is "joining forces with wannabe grandmas" by creating a program for pre-paid vacations that promote activity and are in a warm climate. You can gift the vacations someone in your family. The goal is to encourage couples to go somewhere that they'll be exercising and warm, which studies have shown increase sexual appetite amongst couples. 

Now, the company is running commercials for their travel package, and — of course — to encourage more people have sex.


Just take a look at the commercial:


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