You've Been Washing Your Hands Wrong This Entire Time. Here's The Right Way To Do It.

Nope, hand sanitizer isn't the answer.

Whether it's after going to the bathroom, before eating, or after shaking hands with lots of strangers, there are plenty of reasons to wash your hands frequently throughout the day. Hand washing is one of the simplest things you can do to slow the spread of germs that cause illnesses like the cold and the flu.

Only problem is: most people do it wrong.

How many? 95 percent to be exact.

This, according to a study at Michigan State University, in which scientists surreptitiously studied the habits of people using public restrooms. (Don't worry, they were thoroughly trained in discretion and always respected the public's privacy.) 

The scientists kept tabs on how long people washed their hands, whether or not they used soap, the faucet type and drying method, the cleanliness of the bathroom, and other details related to hygiene.

The good news is that 90 percent of the people observed in the study washed their hands after using a public bathroom. The bad news is that a mere 5 percent did it correctly. 


Thankfully, DNews has come to save us from ourselves and created a video explaining the best ways to wash our hands.

The video also explains why using hand sanitizer isn't as good as washing hands correctly, and why antimicrobial soaps do far more harm than good. 

Tired of being in the 95 percent of people not washing correctly?

Check out the video and put your subpar handwashing ways behind you:

Cover image: Shutterstock


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