How 'Ugly Food' Wastes $1 Trillion Every Year

Hard to swallow.

When we buy vegetables at the store, we typically prefer to get the most photogenic ones, with the perfect shape and color to make all of our Instagram followers swoon when we post pictures of our dinners. 

What we might not think about, though, is what happens to all of the carrots and bell peppers that we didn't choose. 

There are some supermarkets like Whole Foods that are turning misshapen produce into delicious soups, but a lot of the time, that unwanted food simply goes to waste. Some of it never even makes it to the store in the first place and is left to rot.

This isn't just a little problem. As DNews explains, there is about $1 trillion in wasted food each year, but that can't all be pinned on picky consumers. There are government standards for produce to make sure that customers are getting a quality product, but not all of them actually make a lot of sense.

Learn more about why food waste is such a problem and what you can do about it here:


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