How To Train Yourself To Become A Morning Person

Yes, it's actually possible!

Ugh. Mornings, right?

While there are some people who have no trouble rising and shining right when their alarms go off in the morning, others of us need something more like this:


Our circadian rhythm is our body's 24-hour clock, with our sleep-wake cycle being influenced by cues from the sun. Certain chemicals are released when it starts getting dark, telling us it's time to sleep, and the sunlight in the morning gets us up and moving. 

As DNews explains, not everyone thrives at the same time of day. While some people are more active early in the morning, others tend to do their best work at night. At the most basic level, a person's peak time is guided by genetics, but environmental factors such as late work shifts, exposure to artificial lights from computers and smartphones, stress, and even diet can interrupt that. 

The good news is that even if someone has a genetic predisposition against mornings, it is possible to train your body to get out of bed a little easier in the morning.

Sure, learning how to become a morning person might sound like science fiction, but it's all about learning how to control what you can, whether it's using special light bulbs that keep your brain on track, timing your caffeine intake better, or finding ways to make sure your mornings are the best they can be

Rising earlier (and better) in the morning could also help improve sleep at night, which will make it easier to get up the next morning.

Learn more about how to persuade your body to rise and shine a little bit easier here:

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