This Is How Sex Affects Pregnant Women

Is that the reason for the pregnancy glow?

There are a lot of changes that happen when a woman gets pregnant, but not all of them are talked about openly. Most women are prepared for a phase of morning sickness, but they might not be prepared for the overwhelming desire to have sex and lots of it.

It seems kind of silly that the thought of sex during pregnancy is a taboo subject, considering how babies are made in the first place. With all of those surging hormones coursing through her veins, it is understandable that an expecting mother would have a renewed libido and be ready to rub her ever-changing body against someone else.


Dnews recently tackled this topic by asking one important question: Is pregnant sex dangerous for the baby?

The short answer is that it depends on the woman. Every pregnancy is different, and some women have conditions where having sex is not a good idea. For most women, though, sex isn't just safe, but all of the pregnancy-related changes her body has been going through will make it some of the best sex she's ever had.

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