Here's Why You Can't Count All The Grey Dots In This Picture

Harder than you think.

Let's face it, the human brain is an amazing thing. Through our eyes alone, we can figure out an object's shape, color, distance, speed, and more. The relationship between our eyes and brain gives us the information we need to help us avoid danger, search for food, and find mates. 

That said, it's not exactly perfect.


It's because of those imperfections that we are able to experience optical illusions

As DNews explains, there are three main types of optical illusion: literal, physiological, and cognitive.

Each of these three types exploits a different weakness in the way our eyes collect information and how the brain processes it, allowing us to see things that aren't actually real.

Prepare yourselves to not believe your eyes and learn more about optical illusions here:

Which illusion was your favorite?


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