This Is How Even Tiny Bits Of Plastic Are Bad For The Ocean

Keep it clean.

Researchers estimate that 13 million tons of plastic pollution find its way into the oceans every year. Unable to biodegrade, it accumulates year after year. Sure, this type of pollution breaks down into smaller pieces after a while, but plastic is even more deadly in miniature.

Brightly-colored bits of plastic can confuse animals, as they tend to look a lot like their food. Plastic isn't digestible and some animals aren't able to pass it out, causing them to eventually starve to death. However, recent research has found that even if the animals are able to excrete the plastic, there are still monumental hazards to the food chain and environment.

Lisette Padilla from DNews breaks down the issue of microplastic and how these tiny pieces of garbage are having a big impact on the ocean:


Thankfully, President Barack Obama recently signed a law, banning microbeads in cosmetics. Corporations have until July 2017 to phase these harmful ingredients out of their products.

Cover image: Shutterstock


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