This Is Where You Need To Live To Have The Longest Lifespan

Live long and prosper.

The average global life expectancy is currently about 71 years; a healthy increase from 1900, when 50 was the median age of death. However, this had a lot more to do with reducing infant mortality rates that dragged down the average than how old people actually could live to be.

There are a lot of factors that go into living a long, healthy life. Genetics play a role, as does good hygiene, physical activity, and preventative healthcare. But there could be another factor that plays a big role in our longevity: where we live.

The latest DNews video breaks down what you need to know about where you need to live to have a long and healthy life. While physical location does play a role to a certain extent because of available resources, cultural habits seem to be the biggest factor.

Think you know which regions have the highest life expectancy? Find out here:


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