This Is How Texting Is Changing Our Brains


Texting is one of the fastest and most convenient ways to connect with others, but the advent of emojis and passive-aggressive subtext means that we're not talking to each other quite like we used to. But communication isn't the only thing that's changing: a growing amount of research is showing that texting is actually changing our brains. 

There hasn't been much data on how texting affects us because, well, the technology just hasn't been around that long. It might seem like texting wouldn't be all that different from emailing or even writing letters, but texting is an entirely different ballgame for several reasons. 


As opposed to letter writing or email, texts are shorter, less formal, and provide a sense of instant gratification. Not only that, physically writing texts is also different because it requires us to use the tips of our thumbs, which didn't get a lot of action before. 

Not only that, but these frequent actions cause changes in the way our brains see our thumbs. 

And as DNews explains, that's not the only way texting is changing our brain.

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