Dating Apps: Confidence Boosters Or Killers?

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Dating isn't always easy. It can be a challenge to find someone who shares your interests and values, while also finding them physically attractive. We've relied on friends or family members to act as matchmakers for generations, relying on their knowledge of two people to create a truly compatible match in someone we might not have met otherwise. It only makes sense that we're now turning to dating apps for the same reason. Of course, there are some key differences between the two methods.

While hearing about a potential date from a friend or relative generally involves learning their interests and accomplishments before seeing them, dating apps put a picture of your face front and center. As a result, connections can be made or missed based on snap judgements on physical appearance, which impacts how users are viewing themselves. On the other hand, making a lot of connections can really bolster a person's confidence and self-image.

This technology may be pretty new, but scientists are already beginning to find some pretty interesting ways it is affecting the confidence of users.


A recent DNews video explains some of the emerging science about how dating apps are changing the confidence of those who use it.

Because females are constantly bombarded by the media with unattainable beauty standards, it was reasonably believed that using dating apps like Tinder that thrive on quickly judging others based on looks would have negatively affected women much more than men. 

In the end, there were some very interesting results about how dating apps change the way people view themselves, but the most fascinating part was how it affects men and women differently.

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