Good News: Binge-Watching TV With Your Partner Is Good For Your Relationship

But the reason why is kind of creepy.

Whether it's Billions, Orange is the New Black, or Game of Thrones, there's nothing like the instant gratification that binge-watching can bring. While it's admittedly awful for your metabolism and not great to do on your own, it may actually help your relationship.

That's right: sitting on a couch, watching TV can actually strengthen the bond between you and your partner.

But, as DNews explains, the reason why binge-watching shows can bring two people together is slightly creepy. 


Essentially, watching a TV show can create an emotional attachment to the characters, in a very similar way we can form connections with real people. People who frequently read books also fully understand the feeling, as "one more page" (or "one more episode") can turn into three more hours as we dig deeper into the lives and stories of these characters.

That's right — when you and your partner immerse yourselves in a show, your minds view it in a similar way to hanging out with an actual group of friends.

So what's the downside to replacing real human friends with TV characters? 

Check it out here:

Netflix and chill, indeed.

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