What's The Best Way To Quit Smoking?

How patches, gum, and going cold turkey stack up.

Once allowed on airplanes, at the grocery store, and even in hospitals, cigarette smoking is now heavily restricted now that we know how harmful it can be. While most people start smoking as carefree teenagers, it can be difficult for wiser, health-conscious adults to break such an addictive habit. 

There are many options for those looking to quit smoking. Patches, gums, and electronic cigarettes (vaping) allow smokers to get their nicotine fix without cigarettes. Hypnosis and acupuncture claim to decrease the appeal of cigarettes. And then there's the old-fashioned ways of reducing cigarette use over time or just stopping cold turkey. 

Unfortunately, it's extremely difficult to quit smoking, and about half of smokers who quit will eventually go back to it. 


It almost seems like there are too many options available, making it difficult to tell what actually works and what is a waste of time and money. Thankfully, there have been numerous studies that very clearly help us determine sage advice from snake oil.

In a recent video, DNews took a look at each smoking cessation method and explained how it works (or, as the case may be, how it claims to work). Then, they look at the evidence in order to find out whether it's really effective or not. 

In the end, there is one method that stands above the others as being the most successful way to quit smoking for good, and its price tag will completely surprise you. 

Find out which one it is here:

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