Believe It Or Not, There Could Be A Huge Benefit To Morning Sickness During Pregnancy

No, really.

Pregnancy is unlike any other experience in life. On top of the miracle of making a human being from scratch, pregnancy can stir up hormones that cause a glowing complexion, great hair, and good nails. 

But one feature of pregnancy that women typically don't love is morning sickness. Even so, there is a lot of research that suggests morning sickness might actually be a benefit.

Most women only experience morning sickness during the first trimester, but for some moms-to-be, it can happen at any time of day and can continue throughout the entire pregnancy. Morning sickness is nausea and/or vomiting that is triggered by several types of food or certain smells.


So how the heck can such an awful thing be good? 

Well, morning sickness may have evolved in order to protect the mother and the embryo from danger.

As DNews explains in a recent video, morning sickness likely helps protect the developing baby from being exposed to things that are potentially harmful. While most mothers don't think they'd ever ingest something that would put their baby at risk, there are a lot of things that are perfectly healthy for adults to eat that aren't good for fetuses. By vomiting it up, it prevents the baby from being exposed to those potential toxins. Additionally, all that vomiting could have a benefit for the mothers' immune system as well. 

While nobody ever enjoys morning sickness, the evidence suggests we should really be thankful to be hunched over that toilet bowl.

Learn more about the blessing in disguise known as morning sickness here:

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