Do Animals Dream? Here's What The Science Says.

Sweet dreams!

Humans spend about a third of their lives sleeping, and dreaming is a critical part of that. However, humans are far from the only species on the planet who dream. 

While most people who own a dog have seen them appear to chase some prey while they're asleep, dreaming in animals doesn't only happen occasionally.

As DNews explains, dreaming is associated with general housekeeping of the brain during sleep and it's fairly widespread throughout the animal kingdom, though not every species experiences it in the same way. 

In some animals, scientists have even been able to monitor brain scans and find out exactly what they're dreaming about, which is incredible.


Understanding how dreaming occurs throughout the animal kingdom can help scientists better understand our own evolutionary history. Additionally, humans with sleep disorders or other neurological problems could potentially benefit from experiments that involve sleeping animals.

Considering there is still a lot to learn about what dreaming is, why we do it, and what it all means, it's exciting to know that it's one more thing that connects us with other life on the planet in a really interesting way.

Learn more about what the science says about dreaming in animals here:

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