After Posing For A Pic With ‘The Icon Beyoncé,' Khaled Pens Touching Thank You Letter To Queen B

"Momma I made it!!!"

They didn't want DJ Khaled doing commercials with the icon Naomi Campbell.


They didn't want DJ Khaled to make a summer anthem with Drizzy Drake.

And they sure didn't want DJ Khaled on the Formation tour with the icon Beyoncé.

However, "they" can't stop you, as long as you work hard for it.

That was the message DJ Khaled had for fans when he thanked Beyoncé, in an Instagram post, for the major opportunity to join her on the Formation tour.

After posing for a few pictures with Bey, he wrote, "Dreams come true. Don't ever let 'they' tell you you can't do it. They told me I would never tour. Well I just finished touring with the biggest artist walking the planet."

Now the Formation tour will hit the stages of Europe for the second leg, but he wanted to make sure that he thanked Bey first. 

He wrote, "Beyoncé I want to say thank you for allowing me to bring my energy and passion on stage every night. Thank you for allowing me to bring on all the artists who jumped on stage with me to bring the fans a special energy called Major Key Alert!!!!"

With numerous hits like "We Takin' Over" and "I'm On One," DJ Khaled stressed that his entire career has led up to this moment and this wasn't just given to him.

He said, "In order to stand beside the icon @beyonce You got to work hard for over 25 years and dedicate your blood sweat and tears to making your dreams a reality." 

Summing up his never ending hustle and faith, he said, "I will never stop!!!!! Bless up. @beyonce thank u so much I have tears of joy! God is the Greatest!!!! #MAJOR🔑 the album it's coming!! @wethebestmusic !!! I have more to say @beyonce thank u again!! 

DJ Khaled also made sure to shout out his mom about how he overcame adversity to get to this point.

He said, "Momma I made it!!! Fan luv we did it. We showed THEY that nothing can stop us if we move with a clean heart and a clear purpose."

While his summer joint with Drake is definitely taking over, it goes to show you can never bank on your past success and must always keep pushing forward.

Read his full letter to Beyoncé below.


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