DJ Khaled Snapchats Lost At Sea Experience

An inspirational story of never giving up.

While DJ Khaled might be known for his Grammy-nominated song "I'm On One" (with Lil Wayne and Drake) and for being a member of terror squad, he was in his own moment of terror on Monday night when get got lost at sea.

On Monday, DJ Khaled visited Rick Ross in Miami for lunch. Afterwards, DJ Khaled traveled home on his Jet Ski. Fans of DJ Khaled are well aware that he loves to broadcast his Jet Ski travels on Snapchat. On the trip home Monday, DJ Khaled broadcasted his Jet Ski experience out of necessity as he became lost at sea.


He was lost after sunset, which is all the more dangerous.

"It's so dark out here, we don't know where the hell we at, but the key is to make it," DJ Khaled said on Snapchat. "The key is [to] never give up. It's not easy to win."

DJ Khaled used the flash on his phone to see.

"The key is not to drive your jet ski in the dark," DJ Khaled said on Snapchat. "This is against the law. Not even just that, this ain't right."

Hours later, he made it home safely.

"God is good," DJ Kaled said on Snapchat. "We made it. I never said it was easy to win."

The scary experience did not deter him from going on his Jet Ski as he went back on the following day.

Watch the full video of the Snapchats:

(H/T: Complex)


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