8 DIY Beauty Products And Tips Your Body Will Actually Love

All the recipes and vitamins you'll need.

From morning to night, we cover our bodies in all sorts of different products: lotions, makeup, shampoos, perfumes, deodorants, oils, nail polishes. The list goes on.  

And though such things might make us look good in the short-term, some are not made with the best chemical-free, natural ingredients — and that can cause some long-term damage.

That's why we've rounded up eight DIY beauty products you can make at home with all natural, vitamin-filled ingredients, such as coconut oil, avocado, essential oils, and even pure vitamins themselves. All these things are easily accessible at local stores like Walgreens, and your body will actually love you for getting them.

Continue below for all the recipes you'll need.


1. Whipped body butter.

From the woman who taught us how to live a zero-waste lifestyle and make awesome natural bath essentials, here's a DIY whipped body butter recipe that's organic, vegan, and free of toxic chemicals.

Just combine coconut oil, shea butter, coco butter, and sweet almond oil, rich in vitamin B and E, all together in a bowl. Melt them down over a double boiler and voilà! Together, the ingredients work to moisturize, repair fine lines and wrinkles, provide antioxidants, and repair sun damage.

2. Vitamin E eye cream.

Whip up this next vitamin-infused eye cream using a vitamin E tablet you can find at Walgreens. First melt together avocado oil, calendula oil, rosehip oil, cornstarch, and beeswax over a double boiler. Then, add the vitamin E and essential oil to the mix. Once it's set and cool, you're free to add the product to your eyelids! 

You can find the full recipe and instructions here.

3. Avocado, banana, or coconut oil hair masks.

Combine avocado and egg yolks, banana and honey, or coconut oil and olive oil to make three different, highly moisturizing DIY hair masks your hair and scalp will thank you for. 

With regards to the avocado mask, beauty guru Michelle Phan recommends blending the ingredients together, applying it to your hair from the bottom to the scalp, wrapping and setting your hair in a shower cap, and then rinsing it out. 

4. Homemade vitamin C.

Try giving some of your products a healthier kick by adding vitamin C to your creams and lotions for "promoting collagen synthesis, photo-protection from ultraviolet A and B, and lightening hyper pigmentation." These are all effects of the vitamin revealed in a study at Tulane University School of Medicine, according to Livestrong.com

To do so, add half a teaspoon of powdered L-ascorbic acid to one fourth of a cup of your DIY face cream and you're ready to rock.

You can even add it to that face cream you already own to boost its benefits while you cook up the rest of these organic beauty products.

5. Natural perfume.

According to One Green Planet, chemicals found in some store-bought perfumes have been linked to health issues including "... allergic reactions, asthma-like symptoms and chronic headaches."

Fortunately, the publication has a natural DIY perfume recipe you can tweak to make your own unique scent. Combine jojoba oil, distilled water, and your own personal selection of essential oils (think jasmine, lemon, orange, lavender, etc.) together and apply! 

6. Rose lip balm.

Make a gorgeous coconut rose lip balm out of coconut oil, which contains vitamins K and E, along with beeswax, shea butter, coconut or vanilla extract, rose petals, and sweet almond oil. 

Plus, it makes the perfect gift for anyone in your family, especially in the upcoming summer months when your lips need a little extra treatment.

7. Take your fish oil.

Facialist and skincare creator Ildi Pekar tells The Huffington Post that "taking any kind of fish oil is like putting oil in your engine to run smoothly." Moreover, fish oil is especially good for your skin due to its ability to diminish acne and wrinkles.

"You can also turn to fish oil in the hopes of strengthening your nails," according to sfh.com. "Omega-3s can reduce the brittleness of your fingernails and make them more durable and less likely to crack. "

That said, pick up a bottle of fish oil at your local Walgreens and add it to your daily vitamin intake. 

8. Don't forget to eat right!

Lastly, there are many foods that contain vitamins for our hair and skin that help maintain a natural, healthy glow at all times — not just when we've applied products.

For instance, "antioxidants help fight the signs of aging skin," according to Everyday Health, and blueberries or dark chocolate are perfect to add to your diet. Moreover, vitamin D helps maintain healthy skin and vitamins A and C, and fiber, all in avocados, can enhance your complexion

At the end of the day, don't be afraid to get organic and crafty with your beauty products.

Plus, every vitamin you purchase at Walgreens goes towards their Vitamin Angels program, providing vitamins to women and children in need around the globe.


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