Mini Crossbows, Fireworks And Rockets! What Could Be Better?

Please don't start a fire, though!

This is too cool.


If you have some spare time after work or on the weekend, you have to try out these quick do it yourself projects!

With the help of these very simple Dave Hax instructional videos, you can make indoor rockets, fireworks and a crossbow,

All you need are a few objects you can find around the house. (You can also pick them up at your local convenience store.)

For the fireworks, all you need is: A tea bag.

And a barbecue lighter.

Got everything? Cool. Watch the video to learn how to create your own "fireworks."

For the next project, match rockets, you'll need a few additional materials. Like a tea bag.


And a paperclip.

Watch how it's done here.

If you want to create a mini crossbow, you'll need a few more items.

Popsicle sticks, a cotton swab, a lighter, a rubber band and a bottle cap. Check it out in the video above.


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