These Adorable, DIY, Doughnut-Shaped Soaps Are What Every Home Needs

They're sure to make you smile.

Calling all doughnut fanatics: this one's for you.

In a recent video uploaded to YouTube, The Scene shows viewers how to make do-it-yourself, doughnut-shaped miniature soaps that can be decorated to your liking: glazed, frosted, sprinkled — and beyond. 

First, take melted glycerin soap and add any color soap dye to it. Fill doughnut trays with the soap and make two batches using any colors you'd like. After they've hardened, glue two of the doughnut halves together with more melted soap. You can add frosting or glaze by dunking or drizzling white soap onto the top of the doughnuts, and finish with sprinkles, shaved soap, or whatever other toppings you can imagine. 

The soaps are the perfect gift for friends, a fun DIY craft to do with your family, and even a rainy-day activity to make your own home a little brighter. 

Plus, they're just so stinkin' cute.

Check out how to make them in the full video below:



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