DIY Denim-Inspired Nail Art And Eco-Friendly Denim Pieces To Embrace This Forever Trend

We're a little denim crazy.

Denim is one of those year-long trends that will never go out of style — and we don't want it to! From flared to skinny, dark to light, and distressed to formal, the perfect pair of jeans (or any denim piece for that matter) is the ultimate go-to.

And in a new video for Cosmopolitan magazine's YouTube channel, we learn how to get the denim trend on our nails, too. 

The simple DIY tutorial starts with a quick base coat and a sky blue layer. Once two coats have been applied and dried, the nail artist, Miss Pop, moves on to the next steps.


Miss Pop brushes a lighter blue color onto a paper towel and tabs it onto the nail to create a texturized, denim effect. She repeats this step with a darker blue to finish the look.

And just like that, we've got a denim-inspired nail you can rock all season long. Embrace this style with a pair of sustainable denim bottoms like the ones below.

Not only will they look amazing with your nails, but each one is made with materials that don't harm the environment, can be recycled through the ages, and will serve as the best investment pieces for your forever wardrobe.

Reformation, Maite Skirt

Alternative Apparel, AGOLDE Madison Ultra Flare Jeans

Everlane, Denim Dress

ASOS, Reclaimed Vintage Oversized Denim Shirt

Deadwood, Skinny Jeans

ASOS, Eco Edit Denim Shorts

And to watch the full denim nail tutorial, click below:


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