Turn Your Leggings, Shirts, And Scarves Into The Perfect DIY Summer Crop Tops

A simple way to reuse your clothes.

Need a new summer crop top in a pinch? Take a look in your drawer — if you have a pair of leggings, a button-up shirt, or a scarf, you're in luck.

While many of us may be quick to buy extra cheap, unnecessary clothing items for a one-time occasion, there are actually ways to avoid the extra cost using the clothes we already have. 

In a new video for Cosmopolitan, three articles of clothing are transformed into the perfect crop tops using a few cutting techniques and some extra creativity.

So whether you're looking to save a buck or want to revamp your old clothes instead of throwing them away, this DIY video is perfect for you.  

Here's one of our favorite transformations from the video:


Grab a pair of leggings (weird, we know), and fold them in half. Then, use fabric scissors to create the collar.

When you unfold them, you'll notice the leg holes are now perfect for your arms.

You're ready to go!

We'd recommend pairing your long-sleeve crop top with a pair of high-waisted shorts or an asymmetrical mini skirt for the perfect summer ensemble. 

For more DIY crop tops, check out the full video below:


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