Check Out These DIY Cookie Butter Recipes And All The Things You Can Make With It

Because everyone knows cookie butter is straight-up magical.

If you've ever had cookie butter, you know it's one of the most magical things ever invented. 

So, when we found three DIY cookie butter recipes, featuring three of our favorite types of cookies, we were immediately stopped in our tracks.

Gemma Stafford, the woman behind "Gemma's Bigger Bolder Baking," recently released a YouTube video teaching viewers how to turn regular Oreos, shortbread cookies, and Nutter Butters into their very own homemade cookie butter. 

Each super simple recipe took just minutes to make. Just grind up the cookies, add butter and evaporated milk, and voilà — you're good to go. 


But the recipes didn't stop there.

Then, Stafford used the three cookie butters to create homemade peanut butter cups, chocolate Oreo truffles, and a shortbread cookie butter mug cake (we're salivating!). 

Again, each transformation only needed a few extra ingredients, like melted chocolate or flour.

We were particularly intrigued with the idea of a homemade peanut butter cup, stuffed with the peanut cookie butter and chilled to perfection. 

Check out the full video below to learn how to make all of these for yourself.


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