9 Photos Of Families Having Breakfast Proves There's No 'Typical' Way To Be A Family

There's no single way to be a family ... or even a single way to eat breakfast.

Fifty years ago, the typical image of an American family eating breakfast would've featured a mom, a dad, a son, and a daughter. 

Not anymore. 

Today, a "typical" American family looks anything but, which is why there are so many different parenting bloggers and photographers out there — one for every family to not only learn from, but also identify with.  A Plus asked a few such modern families to submit photos of their special morning moments — to show what breakfast in America actually looks like. 

So while the definition of "family" has evolved over time, one thing has remained the same: how much they love spending time together ... especially when there's yummy food involved. 


These 9 families prove there's no single way to be a family or even a single way to eat breakfast. No matter where you are, who you're with, or even what you serve, the most important thing is that you spend time with the people you love.


Philippe Morgese 

"I think it's important to stay connected," Philippe Morgese, ponytail trailblazer behind Daddy Daughter Hair Factory, told A Plus. For him, making breakfast is a special opportunity where he gets to work together with his daughter. "This teaches her so many life lessons, including time management, teamwork, and proper nutrition," he explained. "Starting the day with a well-balanced meal sets the stage for an awesome day!" 


Amanda Rodriguez 

"We have become such a super busy family," Amanda Rodriguez of The Dude Mom told A Plus. "With kids in three different schools [that] start at different times, finding time to enjoy our favorite meal together is so hard." But the one thing that hasn't changed — how much they "looooove" spending Sunday breakfast together. "I make homemade biscuits. The Dudes eat them," she continued. "All is right with the world." 


Jennifer Loomis

"Breakfast in our family is the one meal where we can all sit down together, which makes it a special part of our day," Jennifer Loomis from Jennifer Loomis Photography, told A Plus. On one extra special morning, she remembered her 2-year-old son grabbed her and her partner's hands, lifted them up in the air, and shouted "Family!" Since then, she said, "It has become a breakfast ritual to which we have added a morning mantra that includes 'I am happy, healthy, loved' and ends with 'I am capable of anything!'" Together, they definitely are. 


Brent Almond 

"During the week, breakfast is done in a whirlwind of shifts," Brent Almond, author of Designer Daddy, told A Plus. Between making lunch, feeding the dog, and finishing that last bit of leftover homework, those shifts "almost always" occur simultaneously on a typical weekday morning in his family. "It's chaotic, but fun, and all too brief," Almond added. "On the weekends, we have more time to have breakfast together, reading the paper, going over weekend plans, and making fun of each other's bed head." 


Melissa Bowers, creator of MichiforniaGirl, and her family make the most of weekend mornings. Like many busy families, it's the only time they can. "My husband has a pretty intense commute to work — during the week, he's often gone before sunrise — so we relish our family breakfasts on Saturdays and Sundays," she explained to A Plus. 

With two children under four, even the "relaxing" weekend morning breakfast still requires a bit of work. "Just about every meal involves some element of chaos, but breakfast is usually our favorite," she added. Bowers and her daughter share a morning ritual of making scrambled eggs together. "The one time I did it without her, there was a meltdown," Bowers recalled. "I didn't realize it was so important to her until that morning, and she's been my little breakfast sous chef ever since."


Jesus Segura

"Weekend breakfasts at our house are special for me. I leave for work early, so I do not get to see my kids in the morning during the week," Jesus Segura from The Journey told A Plus. He and his three kids, Karley, Nathan, and Landyn, make breakfast together, allowing his wife to sleep in. "It is family time I can count on every weekend," he said. 


Kathy Khang

"Breakfast, and any morning in general, is rarely a time together as a family," Kathy Khang, blogger and author of More Than Serving Tea, told A Plus. With a daughter off at college and two sons in high school, it can be difficult to coordinate everyone's schedules. Still, she makes the most of the time she does have with her loved ones — even when it's only one. "Today, my husband went out for a morning run in the snow, and my older son had to go finish a school project," she added. "So it was a quiet brunch for two."  


Adrian Kulp

Amidst all the chaos of competing work schedules, school, extracurricular activities, and holiday celebrations, I cherish the mornings when we're all able to sit together for breakfast and talk about what we're looking forward to," Adrian Kulp of Dad or Alive told A Plus.


Karen Haberberg

Smiles and laughs are served alongside tons of delicious and healthy food on Karen Haberberg, a portrait and commercial photographer's, breakfast table. "Life so incredibly busy these days, which makes the family meal even more important than it used to be," she told A Plus via email. She thinks spending quality time with her kids, talking and eating healthy food, is one of the best ways to strengthen family relations. "Eating together allows your children to start the day off right — with love, sustenance, and confidence to face the day," she concluded. 


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