These 5 Morning Meals Prove Just How Delicious It Is To Live In The United States of Breakfast

From sea to shining sea, these dishes will tickle your tastebuds.


Every U.S. state takes pride in its state bird, state flower, and state tree, but it's about time we give "state breakfast" its due. From sea to shining sea, America serves up everything from biscuits and gravy to blueberry pancakes. The epithet "melting pot" takes on a new meaning when applied to the wide range of breakfast foods that tickle our taste buds.  

While all 50 states' breakfasts are finger-licking good, these ones show America is its greatest when it's diverse: 

1. Biscuits and gravy in Georgia

While you can find this savory dish on many a breakfast table in the South, Georgia has been credited as biscuit and gravy's official birthplace. According to The Daily Meal, the idea originated with the nation's early settlers and would continue to grow in popularity with plantation farmers after the Revolutionary War. Clearly, that shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. 

2. Smoothies in California

This should come as a surprise to no one, as California is where much of America's fresh produce is grown. Whipping up some in-state strawberries, avocados, and, of course, kale (it is California, after all) in a blender makes for a quick and healthy start to any surfer or starlet's day. 

3. Potatoes in Idaho

Where else? Whether they come in the form of home fries, hash browns, or even potato pancakes, Idaho is the place to go for your tater fix. They even have a signature spud-centric dish called the Idaho Sunrise, which stars a baked potato stuffed with a baked egg and cheese.

4. Chicken and waffles in Kentucky

If there's one thing Kentucky knows how to do better than any other state, it's fry a chicken. And they're not too shabby at their waffle making, either. No trip to the Bluegrass State is complete without this uniquely sweet and savory dish. 

5. Blueberry pancakes in Maine

Because wild blueberries are indigenous to Maine, they're the perfect ingredient to add to a classic breakfast staple — pancakes. Not only is their flavor more intense than regular blueberries, but wild blueberries also have twice the antioxidants. A tall stack of this hearty and healthy combo will make you feel full all day long. 

(H/T: The Daily Meal

Cover image via Vladislav Nosik


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