Does Disneyland Security Camera Footage Prove That Ghosts Exist?

What is this?

Is Disneyland haunted?


Compelling security camera footage posted by YouTube channel GhostsAtDisneyland may suggest just that.

The chilling 2009 video shows, what appears to be, a wraith-like apparition strolling through the empty park. At one point, it even walks right through a closed gate. 

What many don't know about the Magic Kingdom is that it has been the site of several violent, accidental deaths.

So it makes sense that Walt Disney's empire may house restless spirits.

Although grainy, there does seem to be something with a human gait walking around the park appearing on each video screen.

Trick of the light? Or could this video be a hoax created by the park themselves? After all, it does look like the footage was taken near Disney's famous attraction "The Haunted Mansion."  Seems a bit too appropriate. 

What do you think? Real or fake? Tell us in the comments below. 

(H/T: ViralNova)


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