This Real-Life Prince Charming Popped The Question With An Epic Disney-Themed Proposal

Bippity boppity boo-yah.

Every guy does his best to make his marriage proposal magical, but Jason Shoffman went “to infinity and beyond.”


An art director and designer, Shoffman knew he wanted to pop the question to his girlfriend, Simone Golumb, in the most creative and personal way possible. So he decided to incorporate something she loved almost as much as him: Disney movies. 

After three months of planning, he staged an elaborate Disney art exhibit with a fairy tale twist. Shoffman found dozens of Disney prints on eBay, hung them up in an event space in London, and even got his sister, professional actors, and the waitstaff to play along.

Once she'd seen all the prints in the main exhibit, Golumb went downstairs to look at some "one off" prints.

Golumb (left) looking at prints with Shoffman's sister. 

What she found instead was a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious surprise.

Shoffman had created a dozen movie posters featuring "milestone pictures from [their] relationship reimagined in Disney form." He told A Plus via email, "Each piece was about the attention to detail, from the Disney fonts to the outfits to the names and dates of when each event took place." The ambitious groom-to-be even replaced the signature Disney logo with "Goffy," a combination of the couple's last names. 

Jason Shoffman
Jason Shoffman
Jason Shoffman

According to Shoffman, Golumb is "difficult to surprise," but he managed to sneak up behind her while she gazed in disbelifef at the posters. Before she could say "bippity boppity boo," he was down on one knee.

Prince Charming couldn't have done it better.

This movie poster was based on Shoffman and Golumb's first date, when they went ice skating.  Jason Shoffman

He managed to surprise his Cinderella not once, but twice that day. 

After she said yes, the couple went to afternoon tea at Shoffman's mother's house. As Golumb recounted their proposal story, everyone else in the room waited for Golumb's parents, who Shoffman had secretly flown in from Glasgow, to surprise her and celebrate the engagement. When she saw them, Golumb was overwhelmed with joy. 

"This proposal is a memory I know we will never forget," Shoffman told A Plus. 

Watch the full video of their happily ever after:


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