When Are Your Favorite Disney Films Coming Out Through 2021?

Disney Princesses, Marvel superheroes, and "Star Wars" — oh my!

Get your popcorn and sodas ready because you're likely going to be spending a lot of time at the cinemas in the coming years, movie lovers!

Disney has announced release dates for much of its current film slate through the year 2021 — though we expect the list will only grow, especially in the later years. Some projects, at least for now, are listed as "untitled" properties in the animated, live-action remake, or Marvel franchises.

In addition to the continuation of the Star Wars films and all the superhero action from the Avengers and other comic book subjects, there are also some sequels in the works — we see you Frozen 2 and Toy Story 4 — as well as some live-action adaptations of classics — such as Mulan, Mary Poppins, and The Lion King. We'll also be treated to some new ideas, too, with Coco and A Wrinkle in Time thrown in the mix.

While the Mickey Mouse company did provide intel into what most of their upcoming films will be about, there are still quite a few movies that we don't know very much about just yet. You best believe we'll be sitting on the edge of our seat in anticipation until we do know, though.

Check out the video above and mark your calendars. For the full list, visit Variety.


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