If Disney Princesses Had Realistic Hair, They'd Look Like This

Disney gave us unrealistic hair expectations.

It's no secret that the Disney Princesses live in an alternate universe where waistlines are scary small and the elements do not have any effect on hair.

BuzzFeed staffer and artist Loryn Brantz decided to illustrate the latter by giving the perfect-haired princesses hair that seems much more realistic to given the wet, wind-swept and humid conditions they've been exposed to.

Check out two examples of the Princesses' realistic hair below then head over to BuzzFeed for the rest.


Ariel with perfect princess hair:

Ariel with realistic hair spritzed by the ocean waves:

Pocahontas with perfect princess hair:

Pocahontas' hair as it would should look with winds raging about her:

Images courtesy of BuzzFeed/Loryn Brantz.


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