This Couple's Princess-Themed Engagement Shoot Proves You Don't Need A Prince For Happily Ever After

"I hope people learn that love is love."

If you dream of having a fairytale wedding, Yalonda and Kayla Solseng's engagement shoot — and their whole love story — is going to feel like serious #goals. 

The couple first connected on the dating site Plenty Of Fish and then met for the first time at a club, where they instantly hit it off. After dating for nine months, Yalonda proposed. 

"I proposed in Laverne, Switzerland on New Year's Day with a fairytale book that I wrote and illustrated for Kayla," she told A Plus. "It was our love story, but twisted to sound like an old fairytale. Plenty of Fish was changed to 'Palace of Fairies' in the book. We wanted to write our own fairytale." The theme was the perfect choice for the couple who are both huge fans of ABC's "Once Upon a Time," a show that features fairytales as modern-day stories.

The couple continued the fairytale theme and got decked out in Disney princess garb. They headed to the Romantic Moon Events Center in Glyndon, Minnesota for their engagement photo shoot. 

"Kayla's favorite princess is Belle and mine is Ariel, but I don't make a good Ariel so I picked my second favorite princess Cinderella," Yalonda said.


Erin Miller, photographer at Sun & Moon Photography, took the photos. "It was so much fun to be a part of such a beautiful shoot! I am specializing in fantasy photos and this was the perfect first opportunity to work some magic, and it had such a fantastic outcome," she told A Plus. "It's also sending a message to everyone — you don't need a prince, and your princess will come." 

When Yalonda caught a glimpse of the first photo, she couldn't help but jump up and down. "I showed everyone! I was so excited to use them to create our story book wedding invitations. We made a little 'Once Upon a Time' story book for our wedding invites," she said. 

Yalonda and Kayla got married on September 3, but their engagement photos have only just recently gone viral. "I am truly so happy and excited that these photos are being seen around the world. I feel so blessed and appreciate everyone that has supported us and see these photos as a positive message and inspiration," Miller said. 

Not only are the photos beautiful to look at, but they share a powerful message for LGBT people everywhere. 

"I hope people learn that love is love," Yalonda said. "I also want people to know how important it is to include the LGBT community in children's books and media and everywhere. Because growing up without it gives you a lot of self-shame and I didn't come out fully 'til I was 19 because of all the shame I had for myself. My depression got really bad and I fell a lack of connection from the 'normal' people. I felt abnormal growing up and I hope these show everyone that they need to be themselves. Don't let anyone dull your shine." 

You can check out more photos from their engagement shoot below:

The couple plans to create a children's books for the LGBTQ community as well as foster parents and adoptive parents. You can help them accomplish this project by visiting their GoFundMe page. 

(H/T: Huffington Post


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