19 Disney Face Swaps That You Wish You Didn't See, But Are Glad You Did

Your childhood is ruined.

You've seen face swaps before, but Instagram user Amber Brenza, who uses the alias disney.faceswap, took it to a new level when she used memorable Disney characters.

"But nothing, and I mean NOTHING will ever change my fondness for those lovable characters," Brenza wrote on the JERK magazine blog.

You've gotta check out these amazing face swaps. Here are 19 Disney face swaps that are kinda brilliant and a little freaky:


1. You've got more than a friend in me ... you also have a face.

2. The Beast and Beauty.

3. Nicholas Cage apparently makes a great Disney princess.

4. This one is up your alley.

5. This looks incredible.

6. Who's the fairest in the land?

7. How far under the sea did they go?

8. Nemo gets a facelift.

9. They look like monsters.

10. Oh, Pocahontas.

11. They make a great team.

12. Stitch and Lilo.

13. Peter Pan looks better this way.

14. You've never had a friend like me, or a face.

15. Your kind of big hero.

16. Hakuna matata.

17. Let it go. Seriously.

18. Mulan looks different.

19. Such a rat.


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