Disney Ditches 'Boy' And 'Girl' Labels In The Costume Section And It Looks Better Than Ever

It's just the 'kids' section now.

A month ahead of Halloween, Disney has skipped the trick and given parents everywhere a treat. 

Following in Target's footsteps of ditching gender-based signage, the Disney Store has eliminated its sections labeled "boys" and "girls" costumes, and condensed them into just one: kids costumes. This way, parents of girls who want to dress up as Spider-Man and boys who want to be princesses don't have to feel ostracized buying their kids clothing. And neither do the kids.  

The Mary Sue first caught the change, in which the typically pink "girl" section and blue "boy" section had been eliminated since last year. We wanted to see the change ourselves, so, using a tool that can bring up what Web pages looked like years ago, we found that last October, Disney still had the gender-labeling intact.


Screenshot from Disneystore.com in October 2014. 
"Elsa costume for girls." But why? Screenshot from Disneystore.com in October 2014. 

This year, its ditched the labeling and consolidated the costumes into a section called "kids."

The new line is called I Am Awesome and it's pretty clear why. 

Boy or girl, kids should be free to be whatever they want to be — on Halloween no less — and gender shouldn't dictate what costume parents buy for them.

"A label shouldn't keep someone from being what they want, but the label and suggestion often influences parents to steer clear of certain items due to their child's gender," The Mary Sue wrote. 

It's expected that angry people who believe in dividing items by gender will come out (and hopefully be trolled like last time). But here's to hoping their complaints will be silenced under the laughter of girls dressing as Darth Vader and boys who are dressed as princesses having an awesome Halloween. 

(H/T: Cosmopolitan)


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