10 Seriously Cool Illustrations Of Disney Characters Attending Hogwarts

Which house do you think Elsa would be sorted into?

Disney movies and the Harry Potter franchise are both so successful because of the magical, intricate worlds beautifully expressed in their stories. Artist Isaiah K. Stephens just made all of our dreams come true by mashing up the two worlds. 

Cosmopolitan commissioned the illustrator to reimagine Disney characters as students at Hogwarts. 

"I love Harry Potter, and I grew up with Disney movies, so this was basically a merge with two of my most favorite things," Stephens told A Plus in an email. 


Check out his amazing illustrations below:

1. Mulan and Ariel casting Patronus spells.

2. Aladdin learning to fly on a broomstick.

3. Pocahontas and Shang having a Quidditch match against Jasmine and Naveen.

4. Aurora, Philip, and Belle riding the Hogwarts Express.

5. Tiana and Naveen practicing Transfiguration together.

6. Ursula illustrated as Dolores Umbridge.

7. Megara, Beast, and Belle practicing potions in class.

8. Snow White looking in the Mirror of Erised.

9. Elsa getting sorted into her house.

10. Milo Thatch leading Tarzan, Ariel, Pocahontas, and Eric on a late night adventure using the Marauders Map.

To check out more of Stephens's art, follow him on Facebook and Instagram

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