This Supercut Honors The Most Beautiful Shots In Disney Movies, Because Animation Is Art

It's about more than just nostalgia.

For many of us, the magic of Disney is all about our love for the movies' iconic characters and original songs — not to mention nostalgia for the stories we cherished as children. But we shouldn't forget that animation is also a form of visual art, and Disney has been leading the charge through 80 years of stunning features. 

If you want proof of just how visually arresting these films can be, there's a new supercut that should do the trick. Jorge Luengo Ruiz, an editor from Madrid, Spain, wove together the most beautiful shots from dozens of animated Disney movies into one six-minute video that will make your jaw drop.


The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1996)

Often, because we're so immersed in the story, we neglect to appreciate the carefully crafted visuals playing out right in front of us. Some of the best animation combines the composition and simulated camera movement of traditional filmmaking with the artistry of still paintings.

Set to music by Jóhann Jóhannsson, Ruiz's video groups images together by theme — sunlit skies, starry nights, moody silhouettes, and much more. A variety of styles and scales are represented, from epic wide shots to intimate moments between characters. 

Mufasa and Simba look out at their kingdom in The Lion King. An army charges down a snowy hill in Mulan. The image of Princess Jasmine peeks through a sheer curtain in Aladdin. The thought of just how much time and talent went into the creation of these shots only serves to make them more beautiful.

Beauty and the Beast (1991)

That's not to mention the technical aspect. Animators add realistic touches — such as crackling flames and flashes of lightning — that many of us believed were only possible through live-action photography. To think that many of these films were created several decades ago is mind-blowing.

As SlashFilm points out, "Even Disney's less claimed films have some truly stunning shots. All the more impressive are the animated landscapes that were created before technology allowed [animation] to be created and perfected inside of a computer."

The Lion King (1994)

The next time you watch your favorite Disney films from childhood, or see a new animated release in the theater, keep this video in mind. Take a moment to notice how images like these tell the story, and discover a few favorite shots of your own. 

While singing along to the songs, of course — we would never forbid you that.

Witness every stunning shot for yourself in the video below:


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