These Incredible Things Were All Found On The Beach

You never know what you're going to find.

Finding things on the beach is a past time for most children.

But every now and then, you discover something worth more than just a brag to mom and dad. In the listicle below, we reveal some of the most stunning things people have found on the beach, according to a few Reddit threads dedicated to the topic. Check them out, and please let us know in the comments if you've uncovered something wild like these!


1. An army tank.

2. Hardened Beretta that seems to have been lost for a long time.

3. Message in a bottle.

4. "Devil's skull."

5. Someone's wedding ring.

They're still looking for the owner.

6. An abandoned puppy.

7. Whatever this is...

8. Perfectly round rock.

9. Map made of rocks.

A redditor found a rock that looked like Idaho, and then this happened... 

10. An enormous tree.

11. A dead wolf fish.

12. The house from "Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind"

13. One code that nobody can decipher.

Redditors and law enforcement alike are still tryingt to solve this mystery

14. A Hulk toy that time has not been friendly to.

15. One proud stoner.

16. Sandcastles that deserve an award.

17. A massive sailboat.

Share these awesome discoveries below!


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